ROG SWIFT Gaming Monitor Released: Refresh Rate up to 500Hz!


NVIDIA showcased ASUS’s new gaming monitor – SWIFT 500Hz. The new ROG SWIFT gaming monitor is here: the refresh rate is up to 500Hz.

ASUS officially warmed up this gaming monitor today. It is understood that, unlike the current mainstream 144Hz and 240Hz gaming displays, the SWIFT 500Hz gaming monitor is newly equipped with a new generation of E-TN (e-sports TN) panels with 1080P resolution and can provide 500Hz ultra-high refresh rate for higher motion clarity.

In addition, this gaming monitor is equipped with a G-SYNC gaming chip, which supports turning on the G-SYNC gaming mode, which can effectively eliminate problems such as screen freezes, tearing, and smearing during the game.

Not only that, but the ROG SWIFT Gaming Monitor also has a built-in NVIDIA Reflex latency analyzer, so players can keep track of everything from clicking the mouse button to the latency between pixel updates on the screen, and make targeted optimizations.

According to previous reports, BOE has released a 500+Hz ultra-high refresh rate gaming display and claims to have innovatively developed a full range of 500+Hz ultra-high refresh displays for laptops, monitors, and TVs.

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From this point of view, it is not ruled out that the ROG display will use the BOE screen. Asus has yet to reveal the price or availability of the ROG Swift 500 Hz gaming monitor.

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