Rogbid Air Smartwatch: Design, Hardware, Features Review


The Rogbid Air Smartwatch is a perfect smart assistant which provides you with a smarter and healthier lifestyle by offering multiple functions for you. Enjoy the ultimate freedom without taking your phone, whether you are traveling or going for outdoor activities, your watch keeps you connected.


At first glance, the Rogbid Air is an ordinary wristwatch. But only if viewed from the side. Looking closer, you understand: this is the largest smartwatch ever mass-produced. The huge display on a plastic case with a metal frame looks impressive, although it cannot be called attractive on the hand. In fact, the watch takes up most of an adult’s forearm. it should be noted that its 1.75-inch screen requires measures of 48.5x41mm. The metal chassis has a great finish and provides the necessary strength.


The processor is of this smartwatch are dual Spreadtrum9832 and NRF52832. Rogbid Air has 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage are really huge reserves for a watch. But there is also a version that is simpler than 1/16 GB.


The terminal is based on the Android 9.1 operating system and therefore supports all Google applications, being able to connect to both Android and iOS smartphones equipped with at least a 9.0 system, or later versions. Rogbid Air is able to track many sports modes, and integrates GPS / GLONASS / A-GPS / Beidou, for localization even in the absence of a smartphone connection. In short, it is a totally autonomous wearable. There is no shortage of monitoring functions, such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, and sleep monitoring.

The Rogbid Air also mentioned that the Smartwatch is IP68 waterproof. In addition, according to the latest leaks, it should appear with a 5MP camera, which means that the angle can be adjusted with the smartwatch during video calls.


Rogbid Air Smartwatch is now available on Banggood  very soon it will available in stock. And if you want further details about Rogbid Air you can just check out the official Rogbig Website and their Facebook page.


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