Rogbid PANDA World’s first Bezel-Less Andriod Smartwatch Powered by Wear OS by Google


Smartphones now have some standardized features. One of them is frameless screens. Even entry-level smartphones today are free of their thick bezels. As such, the biggest helpers of smartphones are inevitably affected by this change. Who are these helpers? Of course, smartwatches. Current smartwatches offer a design close to classic smartwatches. In this way, they began to replace classic watches. Rogbid PANDA, world’s first Bezel-Less & full-screen android smartwatch, powered by android wear os. Rogbid PANDA? Wasn’t there something? Yes and no! Rogbid, as a manufacturer of smartwatches, is actually making its first appearance with the Brave model.

Rogbid is a professional smartwatch manufacturer. It has dozens of software and hardware development, ID design and structural design patents in the field of smartwatches. Rogbid is a high-end smartwatch brand, committed to becoming the first echelon in this field, bringing more extreme user experience to end customers, so hardware and software performance has always been in a leading position in the market.

Rogbid PANDA has a rugged figure, the concise design-one button makes all great. Official rendering of PANDA shows a finely perfected smartwatch. At the moment, the exact specifications of Rogbid PANDA have not been revealed. Some of the features supported on this smartwatch include 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, dual camera, water/dust resistance, a certificate as IP68-IP69K, 4G LTE support, etc. Rogbid PANDA tells altitude when you’re climbing, shows depth when diving, equipped with baroceptor and humidity sensor, which makes outdoor activities more convenient.

If it’s still like the company’s previous smartwatch models, chances are Rogbid PANDA will use MediaTek chips. The device runs Google WearOS instead of the custom operating system. It is quite remarkable that Rogbid will achieve a first with its frameless display feature, which is not available in smartwatches on the market. We think that the Rogbid PANDA, which is expected to available in the future, can make a difference, especially with its design. We think that the product, whose price has not been announced yet, will be successful if a good price policy is determined compared to other smartwatches in the market.


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