Runcam 3S WIFI 1080p Action Camera Review: An Excellent WDR 1080P 160 Degree FPV Action Camera


The new Runcam 3S offers a new compact form of video recording! Built-in WiFi module, Excellent WDR, Full HD (1080p / 60 fps), 160-degree wide angle provide excellent records. Connect the Runcam 3S to your smartphone via the mobile app and set the camera – it has never been easier.


The cubic shape of the RunCam 3s makes it already particularly resistant. In the same way, its lens is protected by a glass Gorilla Glass 3 and will be able to cash many shocks. It remains however replaceable if necessary. Its main electronics are protected from interference thanks to an aluminum shield. This is an important point especially for use on a racing drone or aircraft FPV. The Runcam 3S is a GoPro session form factor action camera. It is designed primarily for FPV pilots to record crisp 1080p video to share with the world. To withstand the abuse any FPV pilot would give it the lens is designed with gorilla glass 3 to provide adequite protection. The wide dynamic range is provides you with high quality footage no matter where you are flying. The Runcam 3S is also more modular allowing you to replace the battery, and other parts if you manage to break something. This one offers a very immersive field of vision: 160 °!


The camera field of view RunCam 3s is very large: 160 °! This immediately creates an immersive feeling for your flights in lowriding, FPV or any extreme sport. You can record in 1080p at 60 frames per second which will give you very smooth and tear-free shots. The WDR, Wide Dynamic Range or extended dynamic range, is a special treatment offered by some cameras including the RunCam 3s. This process will allow balancing the exposure on the different areas of the image. Thus the darkest or barely visible parts will be highlighted with a corrected and more detailed brightness.

The RunCam 3s has a built-in WiFi module that allows the camera to communicate with your smartphone via an app. It is downloadable for free on the PlayStore and the AppleStore. It will allow you to have a real-time video feedback, review the recorded footage and select the settings that will best suit your shot. Two microphones are placed on the RunCam 3s, one on the top and one on the back. This will give you a clear and precise audio recording regardless of the spatialization of the sound relative to the camera and also a reduction of noise generated by the wind.

s camera RunCam 3s under the tunes of GoPro Hero Session perfectly fulfills its function of onboard camera. Small, light, it will be everywhere: on a drone or a helmet, a handlebar. Its performance and features are excellent: WiFi, free application, FullHD recording at 60 frames per second, impressive WDR processing, dual microphone … She misses no arguments!


If you do not necessarily look for 4K format, the RunCam 3s will be ideal for recording a quality video for 1 hour. RunCam is always competitive when it comes to pricing, so it is good to see that the 3S can be picked up for roughly half of what you can get a discontinued GoPro Session for. You can find the RunCam 3S now on BANGGOOD at $99.99


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