S1 Smartwatch Phone Review : Monitor Your Health Better (Coupon Included)


The era of smart things as arrived already and the some of the things that first got this smart prefix is a watch. we are approaching and are in near proximity of full IOT ecosystem , it will affect our daily lives in ways we haven’t even thought of. In this article we have one such smartwatch the S1 Smartwatch Phone. We are not only gonna discuss what it has to offer but also give you a coupon code for it.


The S1 smartwatch phone is a circular smartwatch, that being said it is similar to the classic watches and will appeal more to the ones who are fans of the classic era. The smartwatch has a sporty look with chrome plating on the dial, it has two big metal knobs which we use as a wake button. Further you have a silicon strap as in a classic watch and can be adjusted as per your requirement. On the side between the knobs there is small 5.0MP camera tucked in for video recording (spy stuff !). Below you get the removable panel which reveals the internals of the watch where you can find the sim slot and sd card slot.


The smartwatch features an MTK6572 Dual Core CPU clocked at 1.2GHz giving you all the computation power a smartwatch needs, further the watch is packed with 512MB of RAM and 4GB ROM ensuring a smooth experience while you use your software features. The attraction of this watch is its 1.3 inch screen in the front, which is just soothing to look at. The smart watch phone aptly named like that is because it includes calling functionality, it supports 3G SIM (subject to carrier provider and area). Using the sim you can make voice and video calls. The other connectivity features include premium feature like GPS found only in flagship smartwatches and then you have WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1. Besides this it also has a heart rate monitor for useful health tracking applications.


The S1 Smartwatch Phone is overall a full fledged smartwatch and a phone, plus it is also a health tracker with features like pedometer, sleep tracking, further you get all the features of a smartwatch too like Music player, Message notification, Alarm, GPS, WiFi, Sound recorder, Weather etc. The S1 smartwatch phone is priced at $83.72 but using our coupon code GB9% you can get this watch at a discounted price for just $77.02, If you were wanting a smartwatch phone then now is the right time to act I supPose.


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