SABAJ A30a: A Power Amplifier With DSP Chip Now On Sale at $594.99


The SABAJ A30a integrated professional-grade Hi-Fi power amplifier is a high-quality audio device designed to deliver a powerful and immersive listening experience. Its connectivity makes it extremely versatile, covering most uses for easy integration into most audio systems.

Currently, it is now available on at the price of $594.99.

Design and Build Quality

The SABAJ A30a is a high-quality audio amplifier that boasts a sleek and stylish design. It is a great addition to any home entertainment system, as it provides superior sound quality and can power a wide range of audio equipment. Its compact size and minimalist design make it an ideal choice for those who want to keep their audio system looking clean and organized.

This product boasts an all-aluminum alloy body that has been created using advanced CNC processing technology. Its anodized finish and fine workmanship are of the highest quality, resulting in a first-class touch that is unmatched by similar products on the market.


Its second-generation XMOS 8-core processor XU216 supports PCM sampling rate up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD up to native DSD512 during USB input. Windows 7 and above, Mac OS ×10.6 and above, and Linux are all supported.Playing ASIO is more convenient.Coaxial and optical inputs support DoP64 and PCM 24bit/192kHz files.

The latest DSP chip with ST high-power amplifier chip is a technological marvel. It has been carefully designed and thoroughly debugged to ensure that the audio output is of the highest quality. The distortion levels are incredibly low, reaching as low as 0.00089%, which guarantees an exceptional audio experience.

This powerful combination of DSP and amplifier technology ensures that the audio is clean, clear, and rich, making it ideal for a range of applications, including home theatre systems, professional audio setups, and more. The result is an audio output that is unmatched in terms of clarity, depth, and quality.

The SABAJ A30a is a high-performance amplifier that boasts a range of advanced features designed to elevate your music listening experience. With built-in multiple EQ modes and treble/bass adjustment functions, it’s easy to match the amplifier with various speakers and music genres.

The A30a is the pride of the Sabaj brand, thanks to its innovative circuit design, optimized signal path, and updated power components. With up to 32 DSP digital EQ presets, you can experience a wide range of musical styles and keep them fresh for a long time.

The A30a features a subwoofer pre-output that allows users to connect active subwoofer speakers and build a 2.1-channel stereo system. With an active bass output level of 2Vrms and customizable options, the A30a can meet the needs of various users and scenarios. It’s an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts looking for a setup that’s just right for them.

The SABAJ A30a is a high-performance audio amplifier that features perfect protection circuits for overheating, overcurrent, and other potential hazards. This means that users can enjoy high-quality audio without worrying about damaging the device due to excessive heat, current, or other electrical issues.

To enhance the user’s reading experience by reducing screen reflection and increasing screen visibility, we have developed a solution that bonds the display layer and outer glass with an optical high-transmission adhesive. This bonding process ensures that there is no gap between the two layers, resulting in a clear and transparent display screen. With this innovative technology, users can now comfortably read screen information without any distractions caused by glare or reflection.

With an output power of 200 watts × 2, this amplifier can drive even the most demanding speakers with ease. The A30a offers a range of input methods, including Bluetooth, optical, coaxial, USB, and RCA, making it a versatile device that can be used with a wide variety of audio sources.

The Bluetooth solution supports LDAC/aptX-HDfAAC/SBC and other encoding formats, ensuring high-quality wireless audio streaming. With its sleek and stylish design, the SABAJ A30a is a great addition to any home entertainment system, and it’s perfect for music enthusiasts who demand the best in audio quality.


The SABAJ A30a integrated professional-grade Hi-Fi power amplifier is a top-of-the-line device that offers an exceptional listening experience. Its advanced features, versatile connectivity, and sleek design make it a great addition to any home entertainment system.

With its powerful output, low distortion levels, and customizable EQ modes, the SABAJ A30a is ideal for music enthusiasts who demand high-quality sound. Additionally, its perfect protection circuits ensure that users can enjoy their music without worrying about potential hazards. With the Sabaj A30a, users can elevate their audio experience to new heights.

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