SafeTitan Announces Plans To Launch Decentralized Exchange (DEX) & AirDrop


The October 14th Initial Coin Offering of ‘SafeTitan’ ($STTN) just got more interesting.   According to industry leading media publication, the coming BNB-paired token, is prepared to launch its own Decentralized Exchange for Bitcoin, Binance, Ethereum and more.

Why The China Coin?

While some may find this as a surprise, those who have followed the Binance-paired cryptocurrency, expected something.   

Since SafeTitan’s appearance on several news outlets in July, there’s been constant mention of it as “The China Coin.”   The reason for that nickname is now clearer than ever.

$STTN will have it’s ICO launch next month, October 14th.   It’s been stated that the goal is to raise $5-million from the initial coin offering.   

Part of the $5MM funding will be used to create a new Decentralized Exchange for cryptocurrency.  Not just any DEX however, it will first focus on being legally acceptable for Chinese, Korean, and other far east countries.      But there’s more to it.

Other important functionalities, beyond legal acceptance from countries like China, Japan, Korea, and India, are top priority.   SafeTitan’s ICO funding will also be used to hire elite blockchain tech experts. This team will be responsible for developing nodes for the SafeTitan Swap’s blockchain that are fast and ‘extra light’ on the gas fees.  

Fastest, Cheapest Cross-Chain Blockchain

The blockchain of the DEX, tentatively being called “SafeTitan Swap” will hopefully be competing with Ethereum and Solana’s operational speeds by 2022’s end.  A tough goal, even if not competing by then, just to be visibly gaining ground on the two would be hallmark.    The price point for the SafeTitan token on ICO launch,  .005-cent or half a penny, could easily rise by over 500x from such a feat.

Solana blockchain’s current speed rank could possibly top the Ethereum Blockchain by 2022.   And Binance blockchain has already handled over 4x more transactions than Ethereum on certain days, since July.     Many back Ethereum because of its diverse array of ERC20 token brands and NFT-reliant projects, but it’s not untouchable.  The key for each blockchain is improving speed and costs.

The Name Could Change

Tentatively named,  the planned cross-chain DEX is being referred to as “SafeTitan Swap.”  However, this is likely to change.

On their official twitter (@SafeTitan), questions were posed to followers about removing “Safe” from the brand name in phase 2 or 3.      And according to their website, the STS DEX is not slated until Phase 3.

Cryptocoin ICO Dates

Either way, the SafeTitan initial coin offering is just around the corner, October 14th.   The opening price point looks to be an obvious profit.    Users that miss the registration deadline of October 9th, won’t be able to take advantage of the .005-cent opening price.    

Or in words of one crypto-investor on twitter, those late to the ICO party, get profits hangovers.

The pre-ico sale, which was launched to satisfy early ICO-registstrants demands, generated a lot of attention.  It also raised a ‘healthy’ sum of the token brand’s target funding goal.  But there’s still an uphill climb to $5-million USD.

Other news of an “AirDrop” after the SafeTitan Swap cross-chain exchange’s release has been spotted. No details are available at this time.


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