Samebike JG 7186 Review – Electric Moped Bicycle For Just $799.99 at Gearbest


Samebike JG 7186 Folding Electric Bike comes with multifunctional wrenches for adjusting, adjustable handlebar for comfort and three different riding modes to enjoy smooth rides. Samebike JG 7186 Folding Electric Bike is a multi-mode electric bike, designed for comfortable and long rides. The compact and robust bike has a high payload, fast speed, and fantastic mileage.

Buy Samebike JG 7186 Folding Electric Bike from Gearbest


This compact e-bike is not a classic folding bike, as only the handlebar is foldable. This works quite well after a little practice. So I can transport it in a bigger trunk of a car or simply park it space-saving in the apartment. However, 16.5 kg is not really light either. So it would be helpful if the bike is easy to carry. On the JG7186, this is only possible with two to three fingers, which are inserted above the pedal crank into the – perhaps intended – recess. So lifted is the center of gravity for carrying a good.

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The pneumatic tires of the Samebike JG7186 have a size of 16 inches and are decelerated by mechanical disc brakes. Instead of a rear light, only one reflector is fitted. The front light receives its power from the battery and can be switched on via a button on the handlebar. Underneath there is a button for the electric horn. Interestingly, the announced 25 km/h is only possible by throttle grip. This also works when you kick. You can pedal up to 20 km/h and then use the twist grip for the extra boost. The lithium-ion battery is firmly mounted in the frame, drives the motor with a voltage of 36 volts and has a capacity of 5.2amp hours. With 187 watt-hours, a maximum of 27 to 33KM should be achievable – depending on the operating mode: this is the pedelec mode with pedal and motor support and a pure moped mode with throttle control.


Samebike JG 7186 Folding Electric Bike is a great cycle to have at your place if you love cycling. Samebike has really done a great job as it has taken out all the hard work everyone has to go through while cycling. We can buy it from Gearbest at $799.99

Buy Samebike JG 7186 Folding Electric Bike from Gearbest


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