Samebike MY-SM26 Electric Bike 48V 350W Motor Max Speed 30km/h in 813.99euro @Cafago Sale


Samebike MY-SM26, extraordinary among other evaluated electric bikes. Fast and smooth, with obvious, easy to-control power and a sturdy removable battery, regardless, for people who have not been riding for quite a while, Samebike MY-SM26 mountain electric bicycle is the best decision! An astonishing motor grants you to ride on any roads: regardless, riding critical distances will not be more pleasing, yet furthermore more sensible, and considering the way that it’s astoundingly slender, cycling is basic regardless, when the engine is off.

Samebike MY-SM26


The Samebike MY-SM26 tires have a resistance force and against slip, the surface to ensure a more open to riding experience! This bike will free you from either unfathomable crazy traffic or pressed trains and transports. Furthermore, Samebike MY-SM26 goes with a LCD screen that gives time, distance, speed, and various estimations. The Samebike MY-SM26 has a LCD screen that shows time, distance, speed, battery duration, and various estimations. It furthermore gives you an update about your bike’s battery duration. The LCD show is easy to scrutinize a lot under direct sunshine and has a basic organization.

Samebike MY-SM26

It checks 21 kg which adds to mind boggling rate, mileage, and getting through battery duration. Furthermore, the bike is worked with an aluminum composite to decrease weight. If you slow down in busy time gridlock, you can convey the bike and join the walkers on the path. The MY-SM26 is fitted with a 50W motor which produces adequate energy to show up at 25 km/h. In case you are doing some mountain riding, the bike can go in pedal assist mode for up to 30-degree with soaking slants. Speeding up help is very important on steep domains like rough regions. A 8Ah, 48V battery pack will really focus on your battery needs apparently until the end of time.

Samebike MY-SM26


To get the best out of the bike when you are climbing steep inclinations you really want to choose the best settings of the Same bicycle MY-SM26. The settings will assist you with climbing inclines at a good speed while staying aware of battery duration. Besides, riders can impeccably switch among gear and power modes to meet their singular necessities. Concerning your speed needs, the bike commitments to reach 30km/h in electric mode and 50-60km/h in scowled mode. The Same bicycle MY-SM26 Smart Folding Electric Bike can be your partner for all occasions. You can head to work, take it out for a turn, and could go mountain cycling.

Samebike MY-SM26


Samebike MY-SM26 has a removable battery so you can wipe out the battery and charge it at the comfort of your home. This also holds the battery back from being taken by someone. You can easily buy this from Cafago at 813.99euro

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