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Samebike MY-SM26, outstanding amongst other appraised electric bicycles. Speedy and smooth, with unsurprising, simple to-control power and a durable removable battery, in any event, for individuals who have not been riding for some time, Samebike MY-SM26 mountain electric bike is the most ideal choice! An amazing engine permits you to ride on any streets: in any event, riding significant distances won’t just be more agreeable, yet additionally more reasonable, and in light of the fact that it’s exceptionally thin, cycling is simple in any event, when the motor is off.


The Samebike MY-SM26 tires have an opposition force and against slip, the surface to guarantee a more open to riding experience! This bicycle will liberate you from either unthinkable insane traffic or packed trains and transports. Additionally, Samebike MY-SM26 accompanies an LCD screen that gives time, distance, speed, and different measurements. The Samebike MY-SM26 has an LCD screen that shows time, distance, speed, battery life, and different measurements. It additionally gives you an update about your bicycle’s battery life. The LCD show is not difficult to peruse much under direct daylight and has a simple format.

Samebike MY-SM26

It gauges 21 kg which adds to incredible speed, mileage, and enduring battery life. Additionally, the bicycle is worked with an aluminum composite to lessen weight. In the event that you stall out in rush hour gridlock, you can convey the bicycle and join the walkers on the trail. The MY-SM26 is fitted with a 50W engine which produces sufficient energy to arrive at 25 km/h. On the off chance that you are doing some mountain riding, the bicycle can go in pedal help mode for up to 30-degree steep inclines. Accelerating help is extremely valuable on steep territories like rocky areas. An 8Ah, 48V battery pack will care for your battery needs seemingly forever.

Samebike MY-SM26


To get the best out of the bicycle when you are climbing steep slants you need to decide the best settings of the Same bike MY-SM26. The settings will help you climb slants at a decent speed while keeping up with battery life. Furthermore, riders can flawlessly change among gear and force modes to meet their individual necessities. Concerning your speed needs, the bicycle vows to reach 30km/h in electric mode and 50-60km/h in sulked mode. The Same bike MY-SM26 Smart Folding Electric Bike can be your ally for all events. You can drive to work, take it out for a turn, and can even go mountain cycling.

Samebike MY-SM26Samebike MY-SM26


Samebike MY-SM26 has a removable battery so you can eliminate the battery and charge it at the solace of your home. This additionally keeps the battery from being taken by somebody. You can easily buy this from Tomtop at €779.99

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