Samsung 5G Concept Phone: Snapdragon 855, Full Ceramic Body, 4500mAh Battery


Samsung is the world’s sales have been stable in the first few years, this is very difficult, but also reflects the strength and brand of Samsung. In fact, in the S8 and S9 period before the Samsung S10, people have doubts about the innovative style of Samsung mobile phones, especially in the face of domestically produced mobile phones with a lot of flowers, it seems that Samsung mobile phones are very low. However, this year, Samsung brought a stunning Samsung S10 series mobile phone, especially the Samsung S10 5G version, which is considered to be the real generation. Unfortunately, the processor is Samsung Exynos 9820, which means that we can not use this version, and recently, there is information that Samsung is expected to release a new 5G machine, one equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 The processor’s 5G mobile phone can be said to be the real machine king.

According to the rendering, the Samsung 5G Concept Phone is very stunning on the screen. On the screen, the machine uses a curved screen and a boring screen design. In terms of visual effects, the screen design of the machine is very transparent. It is as clear as a mirror. The screen of the machine is made of super AMOLED material. The screen size is the 6.7-inch screen, the resolution is 3040×1440 pixels. The whole mobile phone is slightly longer. The Samsung concept new machine has an aspect ratio of 21.5: The design of 9 has a screen ratio of 93.1%. From the aspect of the parameters, the screen of the machine has been very good, I believe Samsung’s screen will be very good in the display effect.

In the front design, this new Samsung 5G Concept Phone uses the design of the boring screen on the screen. Like the previously released Samsung S10, it is equipped with two cameras, and the camera is mounted in the upper right corner. In fact, from the aesthetic point of view, this digging screen is not full of stunning screens, but from the perspective of the integrity and practicality of the mobile phone, the double hole calculation is the best, and the technical content is also the highest. According to the data, the camera’s front dual camera is 12MP + 12 Megapixels, slightly higher than the previous Samsung S10+, using a combination of F / 2.0 + F / 2.2 aperture. Although it is a front camera, it supports 4K video shooting.

In the rear mounted, the Samsung 5G Concept Phone is equipped with four cameras, four cameras arranged in an orderly manner, from the flared renderings, in addition to the four cameras, there is also a sensor mounted next to it. This sensor is a heart rate sensor, and this design is unique to Samsung. Its function is also very powerful, you can monitor your health in real time, its function is not weaker than the rear camera. Of course, the camera is also excellent in taking pictures, and the rear-mounted four-shot pixel of this new Samsung concept machine is 40MP + 12MP + 12MP + 24 Megapixels, and the large aperture is F/1.6, F/2.0. The intelligent aperture of F/2.0 and F/1.8 is equipped with a super wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, time-lapse shooting, and time-lapse photography. The rear camera is enough to make you satisfied. Yan value photo.

After understanding the design of the camera and the screen, the camera and the design are left in the body. This is what most users care about. According to the exposure data, this new Samsung concept machine is equipped in the fuselage. A 4500mAh+ large-capacity battery, in charging, the machine is not only equipped with fast charging technology but also supports wireless charging technology and reverse wireless charging, it can be seen that the aircraft is still excellent in battery life. In addition, on the processor, this new Samsung concept machine is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 baseband, thus achieving 5G network. The machine supports 8GB to 12GB of running memory. In the storage space, the machine supports 128GB to 512GB of large space memory.

The Samsung 5G Concept Phone uses a fast curved 3D surface design behind the phone and uses a rare ceramic body. In the details processing, the machine’s switch key and sound addition and subtraction keys are Designed on the right side of the phone, the charging port is the same as the previous design, is it at the bottom of the screen, and the phone is worthy of praise is to retain the 3.5 mm headphone port, which is currently used in voice calls. The under-screen sound technology is more convenient and quicker in the call. In the unlocking, the machine uses the screen fingerprint unlocking technology, in addition to supporting facial recognition.

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In general, this Samsung 5G Concept Phone is really amazing enough in the design. Whether it is the front surface boring screen or the rear four-shot, it is the top level of existence. It is a real machine. Hey. The biggest difference between this phone and the previous Samsung 5G version is that the core processor and the 5G baseband are not the same. According to the data, the release price of the aircraft is around 9949. I don’t know what you think about this Samsung 5G new phone.

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