Samsung 5G Concept Phone: Water Drop Screen, 72MP Cameras


in recent years, Samsung is very good in product design and technology. Especially this year, Samsung mobile phone has changed its normal state in the comprehensive screen program and showed a very positive attitude. It is no longer a blindfold to keep the upper and lower borders, and it is not insisting on its own iris recognition technology. Instead, it caters to consumers and adopts a comprehensive screen design with a higher proportion of screens. The best one should be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mobile phone just released. Whether it is the front drilling screen design or the back rear camera, it is the best at present. Recently, foreign media has exposed a Samsung 5G peak, the phone uses a “waterfall screen” on the screen, and the hardware upgrades again.

The Samsung 5G Concept Phone came to the forefront, and in the conceptual rendering of the exposure, the screen of this Samsung 5G peak has adopted a real full screen. The front screen does not have an opening, retaining a very narrow upper and lower frame, while the left and right borders are designed with a very large curvature, and are currently the hottest “waterfall screen”. According to the data, the machine is equipped with a 6.6-inch full-screen screen, the material uses a super AMOLED display, with a clear display, the resolution reached 3020X1440 pixels. Samsung is worthy of the big screen of the mobile phone screen, and it has its own unique technical insights on the screen design! This kind of “waterfall screen” is the real Samsung machine.

As mentioned earlier, this Samsung 5G peak adopts a truly comprehensive screen design method because the camera hides the front camera, but unlike the domestic mobile phone, it uses a mechanical hidden design, but directly mounts the camera. Below the screen. This kind of under-the-lens lens technology is still a brand-new technology, which is not yet fully popular. Samsung is really the leader in the mobile phone industry! According to the data, the front-end single camera of the machine is 3200W pixels, and the CMOS sensor is used. The intelligent large aperture of F/1.8 can help the front light of the mobile phone to help you take a clear and texture selfie. In addition to supporting background blur, backlight self-timer, high-definition video call, face recognition, and other functions, to meet your infinite pursuit of self-confidence!

In the rear of the fuselage, four cameras and an LED flash and a set of sensors are arranged in the middle position. This kind of loading is like adding makeup to the whole new machine, both on the front and on the back. To have the impulsive feeling of it, bring endless visual impact to people! The rear four cameras are respectively 26MP + 26MP + 12MP + 8 Megapixels, the total reaches 72 Megapixels, support 135 degrees super wide-angle shooting, depth of field focusing technology, the latest AI smart beauty technology, OS optical image stabilization technology Wait, any kind of technology is equipped with a crucial factor for its pixels, and the camera ability is very good.

In the core configuration, this Samsung 5G Concept Phone will be equipped with Samsung’s own Exynos9830 processor, its performance is not worse than Qualcomm Snapdragon 855plus, the most important thing is that the processing also directly integrates Samsung’s self-developed 5G chip, thus A 5G network has been implemented. In the storage space, its running memory is 8GB/10GB, and the storage memory is equipped with 256GB/512GB/1024GB for consumers to choose according to their own needs. Of course, this combination will also make the price of the machine a large Stretched! In addition, this Samsung 5G concept new machine also supports dual card dual standby.

In terms of battery life, this new Samsung 5G Concept Phone will be equipped with a 4800 mAh non-removable battery, supporting 50W super fast charge and 18W wireless charging technology. Any charging technology is very fast, charging speed is visible to the naked eye. visible. And the machine is also equipped with the latest generation of ultrasonic screen fingerprint unlocking technology, faster and more accurate, the machine also canceled the 3.5 mm headphone hole, support IP68 level waterproof.

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In general, this Samsung 5G Concept Phone is considered to be a peak of Samsung’s value, especially the front of the “waterfall screen”, very beautiful. In the hardware and core configuration, it reflects Samsung’s strength, whether it is the screen lens or 5G technology, is the industry’s most advanced, is the real Samsung 5G peak. It is reported that the release price of the phone is around 7999 Yuan ($1129.56), I don’t know what you think about this Samsung machine.

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