Samsung 8K 220-inch Micro LED Display: 20bit Color Depth


Recently in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Samsung showcased its latest generation of MicroLED display technology products. The first is 2022 The Wall TV/Display (IWB), which achieves the world’s top 0.63-pixel pitch.

In terms of screen parameters, the maximum brightness is 2000 nits, the maximum refresh rate is 120Hz, the HDR10/10+ is supported, and the maximum size is 4K 110 inches or 8K 220 inches.

The built-in Micro AI processor can control 20bit color depth, and with Muti-View, it can process four dynamic signal sources on the same screen, which is very suitable for commercial use.

In addition to IWB, there is also IAB, The Wall all-in-one screen, providing 4K 146-inch, 2K 146-inch, and 2K 110-inch options, 16:9 ratio, embedded thickness of 59mm, integrated S-Box media playback module, and support for splicing.

It is understood that Samsung MicroLED TV is a technology that Samsung is committed to replacing OLED, but because of the high cost, it is currently only for commercial use.

Samsung MicroLED TV screens have several advantages over LCD and OLED displays, including being thinner and more energy efficient. For example, MicroLED screens consume only one-tenth the power consumption of LCD displays and have a color saturation close to that of OLEDs.

As a display technology, Samsung MicroLED TV, like OLED, is self-illuminating for a single light-emitting unit, and by using micron-sized LED lights to eliminate the backlight and color filters used in traditional displays, it has the best display effect in its class.

According to PlayNitride, which previously developed MicroLED technology, the cost of Micro LED display panels is expected to drop significantly in 2025.

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