Samsung Can Use Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic Sensor Under the Screen of Galaxy S10


While Samsung is still preparing for the launch of Galaxy Note 9, most of the technology press already begins to spread the first rumors about the future Galaxy S10. Recently, we have seen some information on the three models that the company plans to launch.

Now, after rejecting digital reader under the screen with optical technology , new rumors point out that Samsung can use the ultrasonic technology from Qualcomm and recently a foreign media CNET experienced a prototype verifier based on the fingerprint of the ultrasound screen at Qualcomm headquarters.

From the demonstration point of view, the left side should be the screen of the output system screen, and the right side is the screen cover with the fingerprint module. The unlocking speed can only be said to be still relatively slow, and there is still a gap with the mature physical fingerprint recognition. It is slower than the Vivo NEX Under-screen fingerprint sensor.

It is reported that the principle is to generate a fingerprint using sound waves, and the pressure waves are reflected from the contour of the skin. Gordon Thomas, director of product management at Qualcomm, said that Qualcomm’s ultrasonic sensor uses sound waves to create fingerprint maps.

This technology has several advantages: reading wet fingers (because the waves can pass through liquids), rejecting just 1%, latency is only 250 milliseconds – not inferior to the reading head The manual uses the traditional capacitive sensor on the home button of the iPhone 8 or Galaxy S9. In addition, the ultrasonic sensor is only 0.15 mm thick, ensuring the thinness of the device and the operation is through glass or metal. Ultrasound can also be used to monitor blood flow / heart rate.

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