Samsung Concept Phone: Almost 100% Full Screen, Snapdragon 855, 88MP Cameras


In fact, from the comprehensive screen mobile phones released by major brands in the past two years, domestic mobile phones are undoubtedly the bulk of the market, and there are more comprehensive screen solutions. There are slide type, lift type (pop-up type) and rotary type, which can be described as a hundred flowers. Among the domestic mobile phones, the lift model led by vivo has become the mainstream design scheme, and now major brands will also release similar products one after another. On the Samsung side, there is a unique solution in the comprehensive screen design. This solution is a rotating camera, and the representative of it is the Samsung Galaxy A80. Recently, another foreign media has exposed a Samsung full-screen concept new Phone, a mobile phone with almost 100% full screen. Let’s take a look at how Samsung “plays” the full screen.  Samsung “play” full screen, according to the rendering of the exposure, this Samsung concept Phone is designed with the full-view curved screen in the design of the appearance, there is no component on the screen, reaching almost 100% full screen The effect of the visual sense is very strong, and the tiny curvature makes the overall appearance of the Phone very round. The concept screen has a screen size of 6.5 inches, and the screen material uses Samsung’s own super AMOLED screen. The screen is excellent in quality, with a resolution of 3040×1440 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The ratio, the pixel density of the screen is 651ppi, the color value of the screen reaches 17 million colors, and the refresh rate of 90Hz is achieved.

From the renderings, we can see that the front camera of this concept Phone is located on the back of the Phone, and the camera can be flipped, which means that the front of the Phone is the rear, the rear is the front, the camera It is wrapped by the frame, the frame adopts the flip type design, and the frame also adopts the lifting design, which rises from the back of the Phone and then flips, naturally changing from the rear to the front, the Phone The camera is four shots. The front-mounted four-shot mobile phone does not exist in the market today. The front-end of the aircraft will undoubtedly become a special existence. The pixel is 40MP + 20MP + 20MP +8MP, and the total reaches 88 Megapixels. Support AI smart beauty technology, support for ultra-wide-angle shooting and super macro shooting, as for 4K video and 960 frame video certainly support.

According to the data, this Samsung concept Phone is equipped with a 4600 mAh non-removable battery inside the Phone. It is also very good in battery life, which allows us to get the ultimate experience. It is equipped with 40W on the charging. Charge and wireless charging technology. And the Phone also added graphene heat dissipation, which can guarantee that the temperature will not be too high during charging and use. In the unlocking, Samsung’s latest ultrasonic screen fingerprint unlocking technology is adopted. The body material is the Corning sixth-generation gorilla glass, which is excellent in abrasion resistance and tears resistance. The 3.5 mm earphone is retained. The hole supports IP68 dustproofing. The loudspeaker is made up of under-screen sound technology, which is perfect in the processing and detail processing.

According to the data, this new Samsung concept Phone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which is the best processor of Qualcomm at present, and the performance is very good, and the processor is also It is used by many manufacturers at high frequency, which is enough to see the powerful processor. On the system, it is equipped with Android 9.0 system. The running memory is 8GB/10GB, and the storage memory is 128GB/256GB. The large storage space can better meet the requirements. Consumer demand. However, the Phone does not integrate 5G baseband, so the Phone does not support the 5G network.

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In fact, from the design concept of this new Samsung concept Phone, it is in line with our current demand for full screen, and this design also greatly plays the role of the camera, compared to many current front-facing cameras I believe that the shooting experience brought by this 40MP four-shot will definitely be better. This kind of innovation and change make the mobile phone more powerful. This is Samsung. And according to the data, the release price of the aircraft is expected to be around 5999 Yuan ($866.23). I don’t know how you think Samsung is a “playing” full-screen solution.

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