Samsung Exynos 2100 Debut: Transparent OLED Becomes The Highlight of TV


The annual event of the technology industry CES 2021 is about to kick off. The difference from previous years is that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the exhibition will be fully held online. Of course, no matter how the format of the exhibition changes, as the vane of the technology industry, the essence of bringing together the world’s latest and coolest technological new products and innovative technologies will not change.  At this year’s CES show, 5G communications, 8K TV, robotics, VR, AR, and drones will all be hot topics. Let’s take a look at what new products worthy of attention may be brought on this CES. 5G accelerates the implementation of C-end applications will shine

In recent years, 5G has always been a high-frequency hot word at CES, and at this year’s CES show, 5G technology undoubtedly attracted more attention. The past year was the year when the commercial scale of 5G was launched. The epidemic has not become a 5G “stumbling block”. In terms of network construction and terminals, 5G has achieved outstanding results. In terms of application, 5G technology opens up application space in vertical industries and achieves deep integration in B-end areas such as industrial Internet, transportation, urban development, and smart healthcare.

Today, the penetration and integration of 5G on the C-side are also accelerating. It is understood that Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon, the largest wireless communications company in the United States, will be the first to deliver a keynote speech at CES 2021. On the evening of January 11th, he will give a speech on the topic of “Speech of Next Generation Mobile Phone Technology”, which will open the curtain of the conference. This means that CES 2021 pays great attention to the application of 5G.

At this year’s CES, 5G will be on the main stage due to its application cases in remote work and driverless cars. In addition, products that rely on 5G technology, such as augmented reality smart glasses, are expected to shine at CES 2021, bringing consumers more excellent scenarios and experiences.

Samsung officially revealed that it will officially announce the new SoC on January 12. According to the previous warm-up trailer, the slogan of “Exynos is back” means that the new Exynos processor will return, and the Exynos 2100 processor is expected to bring us Come more surprises. This processor is positioned as the flagship and will face a wave of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processors. Since both adopt their own 5nm process, which one of these two processors is stronger and weaker has become a highlight.

According to relevant news, Samsung Exynos 2100 uses a 5nm process, and both chips have super-large cores (ARM Cortex X1), large cores (ARM Cortex A78), and small cores, using a “1+3+4” three-cluster architecture. Sources revealed that Samsung Exynos 2100 has a better energy efficiency ratio, and has a certain improvement in the battery life and heat dissipation performance of the mobile phone.

The Samsung Exynos 2100 will be launched by the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. The official has confirmed that the new product will be released on January 14 and it is worth looking forward to.

In addition, Samsung will also launch a notebook computer called Galaxy Book Go with Exynos processor at the exhibition, which is used to replace Book Flex with a QLED screen.

In the field of audio-visual intelligence, TVs are still the highlight of CES 2021. Samsung, Sony, and TCL will all release new 8K TVs. Panasonic 4K OLED flagships and LG transparent OLED TVs will also become the focus.

On the 7th, Samsung held an online press conference before the official opening of CES to officially launch Samsung Neo QLED and MICRO LED TVs. Samsung’s flagship 8K and 4K models have introduced a new display technology, Neo QLED, whose core is to use quantum matrix technology and Neo quantum processors to precisely control the quantum Mini LED light source.

TCL also confirmed that it will showcase its next-generation mini-LED display technology during CES 2021. The CEO of TCL said: “TCL is honored to participate in CES 2021. As one of the world’s leading consumer electronics brands, we are making users’ lives smarter through the AI ​​x IoT strategy. Looking ahead, we are committed to serving global users Provide better smart products and services.” LG Electronics announced earlier that it will release a strategic new product QNED Mini LED TV at CES, with 8K Ultra HD resolution and 120 Hz high refresh rate.

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In addition to TVs, LG will also showcase its new transparent OLED screen this year. Its transparency has been increased from 10% to 40%, which can provide transparent and clear picture quality like glass. Transparent OLED has a wide range of application prospects. LG Display will demonstrate the use of transparent OLED screens in smart homes, subways, and restaurants in CES 2021.


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