Samsung Foldable Mobile Phone Concept Map Exposure: Full of Technology Sense


In April of last year, Samsung has applied for a patent on the foldable smartphone. Through the patent map, we also know the design idea of the folding mobile phone. The screen of the mobile phone can be bent automatically or semi-automatically. The hinged design of the Surface bosentthe entire phone folds similar to the previous flip phone.

However, the previously rumored Samsung folding phone was named Samsung Galaxy X, and the Samsung folding phone named this time is named Samsung Galaxy F. It is understood that this set of renderings was produced by an overseas designer based on information from Samsung’s folding patents over the past few years. It is not a real phone design and is for reference only.

But from these renderings we can also see a design direction of the future folding mobile phone, the screen can be folded, the body can be reduced to half or even smaller.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy F is similar to the patented image of Samsung’s exposure. It also uses the hinge to design the joint design, but it has a certain gap after folding, similar to the effect of the Surface book hinge.

The realization of the folding screen is mainly in two aspects. One is the flexible screen. At present, this foldable screen technology has made great progress. Like last year’s MWC, the domestic screen merchant Pegasus exhibited a 5mm. AMOLED flexible screen curved at a radius of curvature.

The second is the joint structure, Samsung’s hinge scheme is one of them, of course, there are many ways to ensure durability and stability is the most critical.

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Samsung foldable phone will be released early next year. In addition, xiaomi, Huawei, Apple, LG, Microsoft, and other manufacturers have many rumors about the layout of folding screens. I believe that in the near future, folding mobile phones will be in full bloom.



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