Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Real Image Shows Two Pilot Lights


According to previous online leaks, Samsung will bring its latest flagship model, the S21 series, as well as a new headset early next year. Previously, Otaku reported a rendering of the appearance of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, but due to the static image, we could not get more information on the headset. On December 17, foreign media brought a dynamic picture of the product, showing the product in all aspects.

On the live image of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro published on this website, it can be seen that the battery cell of the black version of this product is all black design, bright spots appear on the headset body, the case of the headset has bright silver coating, and it also has the effect of reflecting light on the mirror, which is very cool. On the surface of the headphone body, we also see two different sized holes, one for the microphone receiver, the other for deflating.

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In addition, this moving picture also shows the exterior details of the battery cell of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. A device is mounted on the box, which should be a magnet area with magnetic suction function. There is an indicator light inside and on the front of the battery compartment, which makes it easier for you to grasp the status of the headset.


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