Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Concept Phone: Rear Five Cameras, Hole Screen Design


The Samsung S10 series of mobile phones has been released, and after the release, it has been welcomed to a certain extent for consumers. According to the naming rules of Samsung mobile phone new products, Samsung’s next flagship mobile phone should be Samsung Note series mobile phone, but recently foreign media has revealed that the design of Samsung Note 10 will be greatly changed, will not follow Samsung S10 series. The appearance of the phone is designed. Recently, the foreign media has rendered the concept map according to the related news. In the concept rendering of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rear camera adopts a five-lens design, but the arrangement is very similar to the current Huawei P30 Pro.

The front of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a full-screen design. The distance between the upper and lower borders of the camera screen is very narrow, and the screen is still curved on both sides of the screen. In addition, Samsung Note10’s front camera processing method is also unique, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still the screen punch design, but this time is the front camera’s punch position is designed in the middle of the screen instead of the screen size. This design looks good, but it also feels that the design is very ugly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s rear camera uses a five-camera design, but it is very interesting that Samsung Note10’s rear five-lens arrangement is similar to Huawei’s P30 Pro layout. The rear five cameras are divided into two parts, left. The side is a continuous three lenses, and the right side is a separate two lens design. The three cameras on the left side of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are a shared lens glass, while the two cameras on the right side are two small lenses. As for the role, it is still unknown, but one of them is the possibility of a 3D TOF lens. Very big.

Looking at the concept rendering of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the appearance of the rear camera is a circular design. From the appearance of the current telephoto lens, there is no square lens, which means that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will not have a large zoom factor. The lens is equipped. However, the more the number of rear-mounted lenses, the more diverse the camera mode of Samsung Galaxy Note 10. At present, in addition to the optimization algorithm, the diversified camera mode also provides strong competitiveness in the development of mobile phone photography.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s classic stylus is also a must, this time the foreign media will design the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 stylus into a blue and black phase design, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 stylus still inherits the skills to write in the water, while The stylus can also be used for sketching on the screen when the screen is off. However, in terms of hardware configuration, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will still be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor, and the memory will have a 12GB version.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 concept rendering design and hardware parameter design Do you like, if Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is really listed in the concept renderings for sale, will you support and buy?

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