Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Invitation Notes Leaked Announcement on August 2


Samsung has leaked its invitation notes about the next flagship, it claims they will hold the press conference with the theme ‘The Next Galaxy’, which can match the news yesterday, so it will release Galaxy Note 7 without question.


Because iphone 7 will announce in September, in order to release ahead of Apple, Samsung has to release its next Galaxy in advance. It’s said, Galaxy Note 7 will be very similar to Galaxy S7 edge in its appearance, it still is to be dual curved screen, it has 5.8inch 2560×1440 pixel screen. It is possible to use  RGB-AMOLED screen material. In addition, it will use Snapdargon 821 processor, RAM 6GB and 4,000mAh battery, 12MP camera f/1.7 aperture and laser focus. It offers USB Type C function to supports waterproof and dustproof and Iris recognition.


In all, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be the next flagship of Samsung, we believe it will not let us down. Of course, if it took the foldable design, it would be better. Anyway, we are very looking forward to its press conference. How about you?


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