Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Latest Exposure: Maybe It Will Equipped With 3D Face Recognition Technology


November can be said that the mobile phone industry is the busiest month, xiaomi released the annual mobile Mi MIX2; Apple updated the latest Mobile iPhone X; Samsung also released in the country the Galaxy Note 8 and then, Vivo X20 Other mobile have been released. Full screen has begun to erupt. Today, once again exposed the concept of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 design, although the source cannot be known, it is consistent with Samsung’s current ID design and the current trend of the mobile phone industry.

We look at this group of a concept map, the biggest design highlights on the screen because equipped with a similar profile and the iPhone X people feel a bit different.

With such a high screen-to-ceiling ratio, the front panel of the Galaxy Note 9 phone only has room for the speakers and front camera, apparently using the same “bangs” design as the iPhone X.

Allegedly Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will use a 6.3-inch screen, and the resolution will be increased to 4K, will also be the first S-series equipped with 4K screen models. The core processor will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, shipped storage will be standard 6GB, up to 8GB storage configuration.

This phone is also equipped with 3D face recognition technology because as we can see Samsung GALAXY Note 9 in the cancellation of the entity Home key under the premise. Maybe possible Samsung will use the under screen Fingerprint technology as we can see in the image. But the current era is 3D face recognition technology so I think Samsung preferred it.  

Galaxy Note 9 bottom is equipped with speakers and retains the 3.5mm headphone jack and type C USB port, which will certainly make many users feel happy.

As for the sale time of Galaxy Note 9 is expected in 2018, the price compared to the current Galaxy Note 8 will be significantly increased, such a mobile, are you interested? But the final real mobile and the concept of the map is not the same? Waiting to be announced.

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