Samsung Galaxy Note 9: No Need For DeX Pad Thanks To Its Desktop Mode


Samsung was the first major manufacturer to give its smartphones the option of being used as a desktop replacement. However, the use of a special docking station has always been necessary. With the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this changes – now comes “dockless” DeX.

As we have learned from a source familiar with Samsung’s plans, Samsung wants the new Galaxy Note 9, the use of the so-called Desktop eXperience mode (DeX) without the mandatory use of a DeX Station or a DeX Pad allow. Previously, buyers of the Galaxy S9 and Note 8 always had to purchase such a docking station if they wanted to use the desktop mode of their smartphone.

According to our source from the environment of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can also be used without a dock. The reason for the waiver of the dock constraint was not specifically mentioned. So far, the DeX Station and the DeX Pad were not only used to connect the device to an external display, but also for cooling. Because the smartphone is heavily loaded during operation in the desktop mode over a longer period of time, this also seemed to make sense.

By eliminating the need for docking, Samsung now allows the direct connection of a DisplayPort-enabled USB-C adapter or cable to connect to an external display. Although the customer then has to dispense with the power and external peripherals available at the docks, he can, in an emergency, bring content to a large display even without a dock.

Samsung wants to simplify the playback of videos and the like, it seems. The desktop mode should continue to be fully available despite the dock waiver, according to our source. The user can, of course, continue to connect the mouse and keyboard to his device via Bluetooth as before.

We also learned about the availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Accordingly, Samsung will pre-order the new Phablets shortly after the launch on 9 August. Until August 23, interested customers can then submit their pre-orders to Samsung and various partners such as network operators. The delivery of the pre-ordered equipment will then be on time for general availability on 24th August. Some buyers might even get the Note 9 a bit earlier this way.

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