Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Teardown: Lots of Optimization and Differences With Note 8


Only a few hours have passed since Samsung‘s brand new smartphone was officially released and, despite this, a group of enterprising Russians decided to perform the first teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It’s not over here. In addition to exposing Samsung’s newly announced smartphone, they also compared it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the model of last year.

As you can see from the first images, taking great care to open the front to avoid damage to the display, we are immediately in front of a battery of even larger size than the previous model, despite the bodies are almost identical between the two smartphones.

The internal housing of the S Pen has been strengthened so as to be less prone to stress or breakage, while the USB-C port is easier to remove, but above all, it does not require the replacement of the entire motherboard in case of malfunctions.

Slight optimization even for the same logic board, smaller than that of Note 8. The speaker is instead larger, so as to return better sound and cleaner. Proceeding with the teardown we then meet the copper sink to properly dispose of heat, Samsung has decided to expand it in size, improving the thermal resistance of the SoC at high temperatures.

Overall, therefore, Galaxy Note 9 can be considered an evolutionary step of the previous Note 8, improving a good part of the components, without altering the external design.

Even the degree of reparability would seem to have improved not a little, together with the cost for the replacement of some components, notably reduced. The screen remains obviously the weakest and most expensive point in case of replacement.

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