Samsung Galaxy S10+ VS Apple iPhone XS Max: Running Score Comparison


Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S10 series has been released, foreign media AppleInsider compared Apple’s flagship iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S10+ running points, together to see which mobile phone to win.

The iPhone XS Max is now available for six months, with Apple’s A12 bionic processor and 4GB of RAM. Galaxy S10 + US version uses the eight-core Snapdragon 855 processor and is supplemented with 8GB of memory.

The foreign media first tested the Geekbench 4 running score, which runs a series of tests to simulate real-world use. The iPhone XS Max outperformed S10+’s 3,426 points on a single core with a score of 4,828 points but was defeated by the Galaxy S10+ in multiple cores, at 10355 and 10,466 respectively. In contrast, S9+ scored 2007 and 8307 points in single-core and multi-core tests, respectively.

Then tested the Antutu score, the total score of the iPhone XS Max and most of the individual tests were defeated by the Galaxy S10+. S10 + scored 362,392 points and iPhone scored 313,461 points. But the iPhone won a single item, and that is the memory score.

Then the foreign media ran the Antutu browser JavaScript benchmark. The animations in many browsers are frame skipping or slow on the iPhone, and they are very smooth on the S10+. The final result is S10 + 41673 points and the iPhone score is 39378.

Then the Octane 2.0 test was conducted. This test is a good measure of network performance. The iPhone easily wins with a score of 37,035, which is much higher than the SLR+’s 25114.

The last graphics test was the GFXBench benchmark, with multiple tests to compare, but in the recent addition of advanced Aztec Ruins testing, the iPhone acquired 1403.77 frames at 21.8 fps, while the S10 received 1642 frames at 26 fps. The results were very close, but the Galaxy S10+ still won again.

Finally, foreign media tested the wireless performance of the two phones on the home network. Running on an 802.11ac network, the S10+ average speed is 120Mbps, while the iPhone is about 100Mbps.

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The test results of both phones are very good, although it has been six months, Apple iPhone XS Max still won a lot of victories. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10+ scores are even better and have a significant improvement over the previous generation.

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