Xiaomi Mi9 VS iPhone XS Max Night Light Comparison


On March 6, Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun released three-night proofs on Weibo, showing the night proofs of Xiaomi Mi9 and iPhone XS Max.

The sample comparison is divided into three sections, which are street buildings shot in the sky during cloudy days, night city night scenes, and ancient city buildings under extreme dark light.

The first is the first street building, the brightness of the screen is darker on the Xiaomi Mi9 and the iPhone XS Max is brighter, but this also leads to the darker and richer color of the Xiaomi Mi9 sample. The iPhone XS Max is slightly flat, which can be from the sky. The clouds are seen.

In addition, Lei Jun also intimately enlarged a part of the text in the sample, Xiaomi Mi9 with clear resolution of the 48 Megapixel resolution text, and iPhone XS Max has been somewhat blurred.

On the second night of the city, the super night scene of Xiaomi Mi9 got a very good amount of light, and the brightness was high enough, but the iPhone XS Max performed very well. Although the brightness was a bit weaker, it also retained many dark parts. detail.

The third night scene of the ancient city building is close to the limit dark light. The Xiaomi 9 and iPhone XS Max perform quite well. Of course, the XIaomi Mi9 screen has higher brightness, but the sharpening force is too strong, making the picture slightly unnatural.

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In general, as the 4th and 5th of the DxOMark list, the performance of Xiaomi MI9 and iPhone XS Max belong to the first echelon, but the training style is different. Users who like to take photos can choose according to their own preferences.

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