Samsung Galaxy S11 Concept Phone: Screen Pull-out Design iPhoneXS Users Regret


Recently, foreign media released a set of concept renderings about Samsung Galaxy S11. In this set of concept renderings, Samsung Galaxy S11 uses a pull-out screen design, and the body is very small, let us look at the Samsung S11 Conceptual rendering.

Samsung S11 uses a pull-out screen design when the screen is completely drawn out, you can see that the screen and the body are flat, and the Samsung Galaxy S11s screen can be completely stored inside the fuselage. Samsung Galaxy S11 body surface was originally designed for the screen, you can see the Samsung Galaxy S11’s body has a digital clock display, but when the Samsung Galaxy S11 screen is opened, you can see the screen and the screen on the body is still very obvious the difference. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S11 can be stored. Personally, it is considered that the screen is stored inside the fuselage by curling.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S11 body surface design is not used for display, but for functional control, such as answering calls, SMS reminders, fingerprint recognition, and unlocking, etc., as well as time display. At the same time, the appearance of the Samsung S11’s body is similar to that of a normal mobile phone, but it is very narrow in width. It looks like a small stick. The design of the body size is relatively portable.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S11 retains a 3.5 mm headphone jack at the bottom of the phone. The speaker and microphone are also designed on the far left side of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy S11’s power connector is designed on the side of the body. At present, the size of the Samsung S11 is relatively thicker on the left side and thicker on the right side, while the thicker body on the right side is the screen part that can accommodate the Samsung Galaxy S11. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy S11’s front camera and flash section are designed at the top of the fuselage, so that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will not delay the normal use of the camera.

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Do you like the design and hardware parameter design in the concept rendering of Samsung Galaxy S11? If the Samsung Galaxy S11 is actually on sale in accordance with the design in the concept rendering, will you support and buy it?

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