Samsung Galaxy S11 Could Arrive With a Screen Aspect Ratio of 20: 9


A new benchmark record on the HTML5 Test platform has just revealed more details about Samsung‘s SM-G416U smartphone, or more popularly known to date as the Galaxy S11.

As you can see in the image below, the highlighted regions reveal that the device is in the testing phase and being powered by the Android 10 operating system, the latest version of Google software, which makes complete sense as the new devices The Galaxy S 2020 line should be introduced early this year in mid-February.

But another highlight in the image is the screen resolution – here reduced for testing, but still reveals the possible final resolution and, even more important, the aspect ratio of the display.

In recent years we have seen a growing movement of 16: 9 screens going to higher proportions starting at 18: 9 and reaching models up to 19.5: 9, but this should not stop for one reason: the industry should start to use the 21: 9 aspect ratio by default until 2021.

In the meantime, some handsets with a 21: 9 aspect ratio have already been introduced and can be purchased (such as Motorola One Action, One Vision, Xperia 5 ) but the vast majority must still remain between these two standards. And the Galaxy S11 could be the highest-screen S-family smartphone so far by adopting the 20: 9 standard.

That would give users room to get used to the taller, thinner panel than traditional ones early next year for the company to introduce the successor of the Galaxy Note 10 or even the successor of the Galaxy S11 itself in 2021 with the newest ratio 21: 9.

The strategy is very likely and the change in proportions is inevitable, but there is still a lot of information that will be revealed about next year’s new Galaxy S line, which should be announced in just four months, so stay tuned,

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