Samsung Galaxy S30 Concept Leaked: 7 Hidden Rear Cameras, Under Screen Front Camera


foreign media has already begun to produce the concept rendering of the Galaxy S30 series of mobile phones. Let us share what is special about the Samsung Galaxy S30 in this set of concept renderings.

Galaxy S30 Design   

The front design of the Galaxy S30 has a more rounded appearance, and at the same time, the border around the phone is very narrow. In addition, the front screen of the Galaxy S30 does not see the punch screen design of the previous generation mobile phone. At present, it is estimated that the mobile phone manufacturers that can adapt the design of the hidden front camera under the screen are only generated from Samsung, Huawei, and Apple because the research and development capabilities of these three mobile phone manufacturers are still obvious to all.

The Galaxy S30 uses the design of the hidden front camera and face recognition module under the screen. The front camera and face recognition module are designed in the upper right corner of the fuselage, and they are also connected together. In fact, the front camera and the face recognition module are built similarly to the original, except that the front is covered with a layer of lens glass, and the front of this layer of glass is opaque and does not affect the use of the front camera.

For the design of the fuselage, the Galaxy S30 has changed again. Although the rear camera is still a square module design, it has been moved from the left side of the fuselage to the middle position of the fuselage. The number has also increased, and it has been arranged in two rows. The current color of the Galaxy S30 body is black, white, red and coffee in the concept rendering.

Galaxy S30 Features

The Galaxy S30 has 7 rear cameras. These 7 rear cameras are designed in the lens module. Among these 7 rear cameras, 6 rear cameras are designed with small round lenses, and a square lens is designed separately. In addition to the 7 rear cameras, the lens module also includes a flash. The current camera capabilities of Samsung mobile phones are still very powerful, especially after Samsung developed a 100 million pixel lens, the ability to take pictures is very obvious. The design of the Galaxy S30’s rear 7 cameras is likely to refresh the DxOMark camera list again.

In terms of performance, the Galaxy S30 processor will still have two versions. Namely the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and the Orion processor. Of course, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor on the Galaxy S30 will be more powerful. And it may be a 5-nanometer process Manufactured processor. In addition, the full range of Galaxy S30 supports the 5G network. And the speed of two-way wireless charging and wired charging will be faster. And the charging efficiency will be higher.

Do you like the design appearance and hardware parameters in the Samsung Galaxy S30 concept rendering? If the Galaxy S30 really goes on sale according to the design in the concept rendering. Will you support and buy it? Do you think Galaxy S30 will surpass Huawei Mate40 and iPhone12 to become the first?

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