Samsung Galaxy S9: 3 Official Teaser Videos Half-Heartedly Confirm Its Camera Features


How do the guys at Samsung know how to wake up the hype in us, right? If a couple of weeks ago 3 promotional images of the future Samsung Galaxy S9 were leaked, Today we have 3 teaser videos that give us a clue as to what we can expect from the new top of the Korean range. The videos have not been filtered by a leaker, nor have they been posted on Weibo. They are absolutely official and has been uploaded to YouTube by the Samsung Mobile Korea channel.

In the first of them, placed on these lines, the truth is that it is difficult to get a clear idea 100%. Seeing the central concept of the teaser, focused on high-risk sport and performance, we can assume that it refers to the improvements in terms of power, speed and capabilities of the new terminal. It is, without a doubt, the most confusing of the 3. The remaining 2 leave no room for imagination. Let’s go with the 2nd one.

This, as you can see, is 100% focused on the photographic section and video recording in low light conditions. In him, we appreciate different scenes in which the light shines by his absence, and although we can not confirm that the clips have been recorded with the Samsung Galaxy S9, it is a reality that they look really good. The images are rich in nuances and, most importantly, there is no type of noise. Is it possible that variable openness is “to blame” for this? We will not take long to find out. Here is the 3rd.

This is also complicated, although not as complicated as the first one. Our theory is that the teaser wants to highlight the sound. We can not forget that one of the features of the new Samsung terminal is the stereo speaker, so it is not rare that it is a facet of the device they want to enhance. Obviously, we can say, almost without fear of making mistakes, that Samsung has given us a clue about their own animojis, and if you do not believe it, look carefully at the second 10.

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There is also finds evidence in the teaser of the published video. In other words, Samsung has just told us that his new Galaxy S9 will stand out in the photographic section at night, in sound, in performance and that he will have animojis. 11 days left to discover it.

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