Samsung Galaxy Watch 5/Pro Smartwatch is FCC Certified


The FCC filing reveals three Samsung smartwatches — THE SM-R900, SM-R910 and SM-R920. The first two are the 40mm and 44mm versions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, and the last one is the Samsung Watch 5 Pro.

The wireless charger tested in the lab is rated at 10W (2A / 5V). The Samsung Watch 4 (and its predecessor) uses a 5W charger, suggesting that the new model will charge faster (in tests, the Galaxy Watch 4 took about an hour and a half). Please note that this is the input rating and the charger may still be limited to 5W output.

Whether or not watches have quick charging capabilities, they will come with larger batteries — The 40mm and 44mm models of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will have 276mAh and 397mAh batteries respectively, the Watch 5 Pro will come with a larger 572mAh battery.

As for the Pro, it’s revealed that it won’t have a swivel bezel. This will create a small border around the display, which will be noticeable because it doesn’t match the color of the active area of the display.

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The watches are also equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (2.4ghz and 5GHz, B/G/N) and NFC. Samsung’s new smartwatch should also have LTE connectivity. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 series is expected to be released in August.


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