Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Compared to Motorola RAZR In the First Drop Tests


Folding screen smartphones are becoming a new trend, and well received by consumers. However, the major drawback of these smartphones is their limited repairability, while durability is very attached. In fact, foldable smartphones can easily be damaged with just a slight bump.

And they are not cheap either. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, the most affordable folding screen smartphone currently costs more than $1300. So what if you accidentally dropped a foldable smartphone to the ground? CNET tried to find the answer by dropping the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr, two of the hottest folding smartphones available today.

In the first test, the height is nearly 1m, closed and the front is in contact with the soil.

Motorola Razr cracked the secondary screen on the outside. Cracks are not too large and do not seem to affect the touch panel. The main home screen also works normally. The smartphone basically survived.

Galaxy Z Flip also suffers from the same fate, but the outer glass is broken and cracked more. The camera, back and main screen inside are still healthy. The function works normally.

The height of 1.5m in the second test, the screen opened and face down

The main screen of the Motorola Razr is still intact and works well. However, the outer glass and upper frame have cracked.

Galaxy Z Flip was surprised with the second test screen when it only cracked and scratched at the edge of the screen. In addition, there is no heavy damage.

Third test: Height of 1.5m, dropped while the screen was open

This final test caused both smartphones to be slightly more damaged. Mostly the outer glass case, the frame surrounding the screen. But what’s interesting is that the main home screen remains intact and works properly.

CNET hopes that these two fragile foldable smartphones will get worse, the screen will break, and the hinge will loosen. But in fact, nothing like that happened. Both foldable smartphones prove to be better than their fragile looks.

It may also be due to the nature of the foldable, flexible and flexible screen, which makes it more difficult to break than conventional smartphones. Motorola Razr has a plastic protective layer, while the Galaxy Z Flip has flexible glass protection. However, the outer shell of the glass is still very fragile, greatly affecting the appearance of the smartphone.

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