Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Has Avoided Many Errors of Motorola Razr


According to media reports, Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip has avoided many errors of Motorola Razr and is superior to the latter in almost all aspects.

A few days ago, Samsung released the new Galaxy S20 Series and Galaxy Z Flip Smartphones. Although the Galaxy S20 Ultra looks great and it is not shocking after all, Samsung has been producing excellent Galaxy S phones for more than a decade. It is obviously very good at hardware production. However, Samsung’s new foldable Smartphone was a bit bad and disappointing.

The biggest surprise at the conference was the quality of the Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung seems to have done a variety of things to make up for the lack of foldable phones. The screen of this new phone is made of glass, the workmanship looks quite good, and the overall configuration has not hindered. It’s a good thing that Samsung has done so well, because if Motorola carried the banner of foldable phones, then consumers’ lives would definitely not be so good.

Some reporters brought Motorola’s Razr flip phone to Samsung’s press conference and compared it directly with the Z flip. From a comparison point of view, Motorola Razr is not an opponent of Z flip at all.

Of course, this is just a comparison to the hands-on experience. But when you look at the two phones together, you will find that the difference in quality is very obvious. Every mistake Z flip made by Razr can be avoided, knowing that these mistakes are endless. Samsung’s foldable phone doesn’t make a creaking sound, and may have a better camera, larger battery, and faster processor; it also uses a glass screen and supports wireless charging.

Razr does have some characteristics that Galaxy Z Flip does not have: the iconic brand and appearance, which can be completely flat-folded, and the first to market (though its release is not so hot). Either way, it is easier to open Razr with one hand.

Regarding these two phones, further review and discussion are needed, but the main conclusion is unlikely to change: Samsung is very good at manufacturing mobile phones. After experiencing the Galaxy Fold last year, it has to prove its strength again. And the Galaxy Z Flip is probably a powerful example of it.

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