Samsung Gear VR 3rd Edition Officially Announces with Motion Controller


In the first day of MWC 2017, most brands have released its own brands including Samsung. Although Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t announce, Samsung has released the third edition of Gear VR today, and it has also released a motion controller, which is the first Gear VR to support motion controller. The new device will expand Samsung virtual reality eco system, and let consumers enjoy Gear VR experience more freely.

Aiming at recreation and portability, the motion controller  adopts the ergonomic design, providing users with convenient manipulation and better hand movement interaction.In addition, it provides different movement input, comfortable and stable for holding, and moving in the lowest degree for long time use.

Samsung Gear VR new version doesn’t have much change in the design, but it has been optimized in its headband. As for specs, it uses 42mm lens, providing 101 degree viewing angle, in addition, it uses advanced distortion calibration technology to reduce motion sickness disease as much as possible. It supports micro USB and USB Type C port, and a converter, even a bind for controller.

As for comparability, those users with old version of Gear VR has no need to worry, the latest version will support Galaxy 7, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S6 and S6 Edge, etc. It is possible that it will also support Samsung Galaxy S8 next month.

As for its specs, it has 207.8 x 122.5 x 98.6mm dimensions, 345g weight, about its control function, it has touchpad, home button, trigger button, back button and volume button, it has some sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope sensor, proximity sensor, magnetic sensor, and its remote controller needs 2 AAA battery for using.

Oculus official shows that in next few weeks all developer staff will open Gear VR controller SDK so that they can develop apps according to motion controller. Besides, Oculus and Samsung have prepared over 70 software to support remote controller. Currently, Gear VR has 550 apps in Oculus shop. Stay tuned.


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