Samsung S10 Will Use “Regular + Telephoto + Super Wide Angle” Three Camera Combination


The rumors about the Samsung Galaxy 10 have been around for a while. Rumor has it that at least one model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be equipped with a three-camera to compete directly with the Huawei P20 Pro. On August 14, Korean media further disclosed more details, claiming that Samsung’s three-camera solution is different from Huawei’s flagship that has made major breakthroughs.

in March of this year, Huawei released the P20 Pro, which has attracted much attention because it is equipped with Leica three lenses, including 40MP+ 20MP black and white + 8MP three-fold optical zoom lens, powerful hardware, plus the original Nokia camera. The team’s training, in the professional camera evaluation agency DxOMARK Mobile’s Photo link, won the first with 114 points, which makes other mobile phone manufacturers have to speed up the use of three cameras, Samsung is one of them.

The next generation of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 will be equipped with three cameras, their parameters are a combination of a telephoto lens wide-angle lens + 16MP 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens + 13MP, once released will hot topic invincible hand.

In addition, next year’s Samsung A series will also use three cameras together with the S series, but the parameter specifications of the A series are slightly different than the S series, which is a combination of 32MP+5MP+8MP, although it is not clear yet. The division of labor is a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens or a black-and-white lens, but it is certain that Samsung will exert its strength on the A series.

In addition to next year’s Samsung S10 series, A series with three rear cameras, Samsung’s old rival LG, Apple’s products will also follow, the smartphone will enter the era of a total of five cameras before and after. Samsung said at the teleconference report that nearly 10% of smartphones will be equipped with three rear cameras next year, which is a bit surprising.

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If the Samsung Galaxy S10 series finally adopts the conventional + telephoto + super wide-angle three-camera combination, it can not only use the zoom to achieve high-quality telephoto lens shooting but also take pictures of the super wide-angle lens. The super wide-angle lens has many scenes encountered in daily photographs, and self-timer group photos and wide landscape photos are good application scenarios.

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