Samsung Surrounded Screen Patent Leaked as Xiaomi MI MIX Alpha Sideout Version


Xiaomi’s MIX Alpha phone, released last year, was a surprise, with a unique surrounded screen design that allowed the phone to have a 100% screen share. As an international manufacturer, Samsung has released a number of folding screen models. Recently, foreign media exposed Samsung’s own surround screen design patent, it seems that it is about to set out to surprise everyone.

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According to the patent picture, Samsung’s design is similar to the Mi MIX Alpha. Both sides of the body are covered by the screen, and the flexible screen covers both sides of the body. More interestingly, in order to hide the front-facing lens, Samsung has adopted a slide-out design, placing the lens under the slide-out.
Unlike the Mi MIX Alpha, Samsung extends the screen around the body like a pebble, and even the transition area below can display content. The patent was filed in July 2020, but the slide-out design is now so out of fashion that it’s unclear if Samsung is still considering a version.


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