Samsung W2018: Real Mobile Photos Exposure Of The Next High-End Smartphone


Samsung is one of the few brands that still have new flip phones. Launched to see each other. It is also a smartphone that uses the Android system as well. Last year, the Samsung W2017 was launched in early November. And it is expected this month the company will launch a new version using the code SM-W2018 (same as the reception number each year), which has come out recently.

From the latest real photos exposure, the phone is still domineering clamshell dual-screen design, but the body is tougher, the texture looks stronger than previous generations, which is also in line It’s positioning, after all, is to highlight the identity.

The Samsung SM-W2018 still comes with two front and rear 4.2-inch screens. Full HD resolution is a touch screen in and out and body measurements are 132.2 × 63.2 × 15.9mm. Followed by the elegant metal buttons in the form of the classic Numpad button to dial the number. The print may be difficult because it requires a T9 guess system with supporting full Netcom features.

Look at the fingerprints on the back. The back cover of the SM-W2018 is supposed to be a sleek and easy fingerprint device. Not sure if it is glass or not. The camera is in the middle with an LED flash and fingerprint sensor positioned just like in the Galaxy S8. The chip may be used as a Snapdragon 835 force to it along with 6 GB of Ram and 64 GB of internal storage.

The report features some very special features. That might be put there is a retinal scan. It is a flip phone that has a very unusual specification ever. Other Specification It has a 12MP rear camera, a 5MP front camera and a 2,300mAh battery, which is enough for the size of the screen. Samsung has not announced a launch date of W2018. The source said it will launch this month, which is the same month that the W2017 was launched last year and is only available in China. Who likes the classic mobile style, it is waiting to carry it.

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