Samsung’s New Folding Screen Patent Exposure: Double Folding Up and Down


In the past two years, various mobile phone manufacturers have launched a large number of folding screen products, including Fold, Mate X and Flip/Razr.

As for how the folding screen will be folded next, everyone has their own ideas, some big screen Z shape folded three, visible as a drawer pull type, but Samsung proposed a new design – portrait screen folded up and down.

Recently, Samsung has unveiled a new patent for a folding screen that allows users to fold up and down twice.

According to the patent, the top half of the phone folds inward, theoretically allowing the rear camera to be placed on the front to take a selfie, and the device also eliminates the front-facing camera or any notch.

The lower half, on the other hand, folds outwards, so it’s hard to see what it’s for. , but the height of the phone will be reduced to half of the original, convenient for users to carry.

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It remains to be seen whether this patent will be applied to future mobile phone products.


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