Save Money With Chuwi From AliExpress 11.11 Promotion 2018


There’s rose day, hug day, valentine’s day, and so many days that people mindlessly celebrate. But so many people are single. What about them? Where’s a day for them? That led to the origination of Singles day on in Nanjing University in 1993 in China. 11/11 (November 11) was chosen as this auspicious celebration because it consists of four “ones,” representing four singles.

Because this day is the day of the world’s largest shopping event,So Chuwi is running its annual promotion on Aliexpress during which you can get up to 33% off from October 10th to November 10th and you can get selected coupons provided by Aliexpress to save more on sale from 28th, October to 10th, November. What’s more, you can use an extra coupon up to $15 in your final payment. Hurry up to save your money!

What is different from other promotions, is the fact that you can Pay 10% deposit first and you can get them in a much lower price than in 11th, November. The products participating in the pre-order include CHUWI Hi9 Plus, the latest Android tablet of CHUWI, will be sold for $172.28 – 206.73 in 11th, November, if you pay $19.14 – 22.97 as a deposit.

The rest of the pact includes 3 more tablets and a laptop. We are talking about the Hi9 Pro that you can get for just $141.99 if you deposit $14.20, the LapBook SE for $239.28 – 272.78 (depending on the configuration) if you make a deposit of $23.93 – 27.28, the Chuwi Hi8 SE for $104.20 if you make a deposit of $10.42, and the Chuwi HiPad for $141.99 by making a deposit of $14.20. Above, you can see the full specs of all 5 star-products of the promotion.


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