SCISHION V88 Mini III cheapest Smart Android TVBox 4K 2GB/8GB Design, Hardware, Review (only $32.26! with coupon)


SCISHION V88 Mini III Smart Android TV Box is a new CPU manufactured by SCISHION, which features USB 3.0 (10 times faster than USB 2.0), and is more cost-effective than RK3399. SCISHION company has recently released a model called SCISHION V88 mini III TV Box (RK3328, 2GB+8GB).DESIGN

The SCISHION V88 Mini III comes as a black box, like most of the TV boxes, are. From the top side of the TV box, we see the logo of the has designed 1.7 cm / 3.86 * 3.86 * 0.67 in and weight 89g / 3.13oz.

4K Performance

4K video where very good played, but have in mind that only the external video player that has, supports HDR video files and not through ZDMC. The bad thing is that the external video player, doesn’t support HD audio, so a downmix to stereo is performed by the program. Video with FHD played perfectly. 4K video files from the USB 3.0 slot, played without any problem.


We are happy to see such a new model with RK3328 CPU. This new model adopts the fast and powerful Android 7.1 operation system. The Android 7.1 has a better compatibility of software, games and application programs. Rapid, stable configuration coupled with the highly Android 7.1. You can say goodbye to the system freezing and buffering.


Equipped with Rockchip 3328 quad-core CPU which is advanced in image processing and computing. Its high machine configuration gives users ultra-fast running speed and smooth image processing performance.with 2GB+8GB make it better performance and more than space, the HDMI 2.0 data output, it makes sure users can enjoy 4K even 3D HD movies. And USB 3.0 interface has up to 5GHz transmission speed.


Scishion V88 mini III is one of the cheapest but very powerful Rockchip 2GB 8GB Android Tv Box, SCISHION V88 Mini III Smart Android TV Box available Gearbest in just $32.26 using coupon code WZV3194, hurry up 14 hours are left, therefore, it is a very good opportunity to grab very affordable and competitive TV BOX at such low price. Believe it or not, compare with others first.use the coupon code and 200 points together to enjoy it at $32.26.

Start End Items (English) pro price Link on Coupon Amount
11.30 12.30 SCISHION V88 Mini III TV Box 24.99 V88M3CM 100.00

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  1. i have the 16gb/4gb v88 piano. i bought the wireless pad knowing I would need it to navigate. the UI needs some work. netflix is a pain in the but to navigate. cant seem to pause or scroll through the shows or movies without backing out. i cannot see past the 7th episode to select it without usimg my wireless pad and running two fingers to scroll. i can do everything on this box and its fast. just needs a little support. somebody needs to make a TV friendy OS to load on these chinese boxes. with a mouse and keyboard its just like a computer. 4 core 1.5ghz with 4gb ram with included operating system. low power consumption. everybody should have one. with todays technology we dont need power hungry units for the tv or computer. just this tiny box with integrated everything. only fix would be to make i more user friendly with the included remote otherwise you need a mouse pad or mouse to navigate some things. my mom cant use it so i bought a fire stick 4k. was gonna get the shield but with only 3gb ram and a 1.7 quad its not worth 300 because google made their own version of android. so did amazon plus its way cheaper. i only payed 50 bux for this v88 piano.

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