SCULPFUN S9 Review – 5.5W Laser Engraving Machine at €185.07 From RCMoment


The SCULPFUN S9 is a remarkable 5.5W laser engraving machine that offers precision and versatility for various creative projects. Whether you are a hobbyist, artist, or professional, this machine is designed to meet your engraving needs with exceptional accuracy. With its powerful 5.5W laser, it can engrave a wide range of materials including wood, acrylic, leather, and more. The SCULPFUN S9 ensures detailed and intricate designs, allowing you to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life. If you’re looking to purchase this outstanding laser engraving machine, RCMoment offers the lowest price, providing an excellent opportunity to obtain this high-quality device at an affordable cost. Don’t miss out on the chance to own the SCULPFUN S9 and embark on your engraving journey today.


SCULPFUN S9 is a remarkable engraving machine with a range of features that enhance its performance and usability. With its full-metal structure design, the S9 ensures stability during operation, resulting in improved engraving accuracy. Additionally, assembling this machine is a breeze, taking only 10-20 minutes to complete. Its durable structural frame is not only built to last but also allows for convenient upgrades. Safety is a top priority, as the S9 comes with a laser filter cover that effectively blocks 98% of ultraviolet light, safeguarding your eyes during use. Furthermore, it includes an A4 size steel pad, providing protection for your worktable against laser damage. By effectively isolating fire hazards, you can work confidently and worry-free.

The S9 boasts a square measuring ruler, featuring precise scale lines on the X and Y axes. This feature allows you to quickly measure the size of engraving objects, ensuring accurate results. With a generous engraving interval of 410x420mm, the S9 accommodates a large area, catering to a variety of engraving needs. With its robust construction, user-friendly features, and commitment to safety, the SCULPFUN S9 is an excellent choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering an unparalleled engraving experience.

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The SCULPFUN S9 incorporates the latest advancements in laser beam shaping technology, utilizing a powerful 5.5W diode laser. This cutting-edge technology enables the S9 to achieve an ultra-fine laser focus of 0.06mm, ensuring exceptional cutting precision and penetration. With its remarkable capabilities, the S9 can effortlessly cut through materials such as wood up to 15mm thick, and acrylic up to 10mm thick, as well as perform intricate carvings on ceramics and stainless steel. In addition to its impressive laser technology, the S9 boasts a user-friendly fast-focusing design. The machine features a combination of a fixed-focus lens and a sliding mechanism. By simply sliding the laser and securing the screws, users can easily achieve the desired focus, streamlining the process and enhancing convenience.

Furthermore, the SCULPFUN S9 is designed to be compatible with a wide range of engraving software options. Popular software programs like LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Benbox, GrblController, and LiteFire are all supported, ensuring flexibility and versatility in the engraving process. The S9 supports PWM mode engraving, making it ideal for intricate designs and detailed artwork. It is compatible with the Windows operating system and supports the switch system with LightBurn. Additionally, the machine supports various file formats, including JPG, PNG; DXF, SVG, G-code, NC, and BMP, providing ample options for importing designs and projects.


Overall, the SCULPFUN S9 combines cutting-edge laser beam shaping technology, a user-friendly fast-focusing design, and wide software compatibility, making it an excellent choice for those seeking precision, efficiency, and versatility in their laser engraving projects. If you’re ready to take your laser engraving endeavors to the next level, consider purchasing the SCULPFUN S9 from RCMoment at the price of €185.07, with the added bonus of free shipping from their DE warehouse. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your creativity and achieve exceptional results in your laser engraving endeavors.


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