Sharp AQUOS S2 Full Screen Smartphone Price Unveils


The 29th full screen smartphone of Sharp is coming, previously, Foxconn technology vice CEO, Sharp smartphone Global CEO Luo Zhongsheng has leaked some features about AQUOS S2 on Weibo, and hints on its price.

He claims on Weibo that Sharp has invited professional researching company,and make investigation about Sharp new full screen smartphone in ten first-line, second-line city of China, there are 1000 samples for investigation. According to the result, users made good feedback about this smartphone, even there are users asking for comparing with Samsung Galaxy S8, in addition, if the price of  this phone sets up from 3,000 yuan, $500 to 3,500 yuan, $583, there will be 62.3% users who want to purchase. Obviously, he has hinted the price of Sharp AQUOS S2.

In addition, he has leaked other features for example, the phone doesn’t have receiver, the front camera has unique design.According to previous news, Sharp AQUOS S2 smartphone uses 5.5 inch, Snapdragon 660 or Snapdragon 630 processor, it will be released this month. Stay tuned.


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