SMA 09S Smartwatch Design, Hardware, Feature, Review (Coupon included)


The smartwatch market continues to grow with new models for all tastes and budgets. Thanks to the rise of mobile technology, these gadgets continue to enjoy a special interest on the part of users. Especially those clocks that are easy to use and incorporate a number of essential components. This time, we are ready to do the review of the SMA 09S Smartwatch, a device that comes perfectly equipped with a number of features and functions that will catch your eye.
A SMA 09S Smartwatch currently available on Gearbest at a price of only $47.91 if you apply this Coupon GB9%. We will see if this price conforms to the specifications that it has to make it a magnificent acquisition.


Designed in a circular and black color, the watch fits perfectly to the user’s wrist. It comes with a  leather strap  and a small stainless steel hook to make the adjustment as accurate as possible. Also available is the model that has  a steel strap  to give it more elegance. Incidentally, it incorporates  waterproof IP54 certification . SMA is back with an upgrade of the SMA-09. The new smartwatch is the SMA-09S, the new version has almost the same look with that of the 09 version except that the SMA-09S has a much wider screen based on the images rendered, and has a slimmer bezel. There is also a huge reduction on touch key button of the smartwatch that occupy at least 1/4 of display screen in the SMA-09 version. The SMA -09S has a 1.2” inch 240 x 240 pixel screen display which will give us a perfect brightness and sharpness. Once we turn it on we can see that the interface is divided in two: one part presents the clock itself and the battery level and the other offers different icons for notifications: messages, music, calls, etc. It hardly has a  weight of 65 grams , reason why is a smartwatch quite manageable. Therefore, we will not have any problem to take it during the day or to exercise.


Following the  analysis of the Smartwatch SMA 09 , we go on to see its internal aspect. On this occasion, we found an  MTK2502 processor , sufficient for the basic user-level performance of the device. It also has  128 MB of RAM and 64 MB of internal storage, which will allow us to store information or some desired data. There may be some who consider it insufficient, but bear in mind that this is a basic range smartwatch. For the functions available and for everyday use we will not really need much more. On the other hand, it supports both iOS (8.0 or higher) and Android (4.4 or higher). Precisely, the operating system with which comes pre-installed Android OS.


When synchronized with Bluetooth with our smartphone, this smart watch allows us to read messages, receive notifications from our social networks and phone calls. On the other hand, includes heart rate monitor , step counter, sleep monitor and sedentary life reminder. It can also function as remote control of the camera and the music of the mobile. It comes with up to 5 different alarm groups, phone finder function, calculator, voice recorder and weather forecast.

Battery & Connectivity

Regarding its autonomy, this smart watch incorporates a polymer battery of 300 mAh , which will allow us a time of use of approximately 2-3 days. The device recharges completely in about 2-3 hours.

From the point of view of connectivity, Bluetooh 4.0 is available to be able to synchronize it with other electronic devices. In addition, it also has an IPv4 version to enjoy Internet connections.


Once the analysis of the Smartwatch SMA 09S is concluded , the truth is that we can see that it is a device of very good level for the price it has. It has the primary functions for sports and to enjoy a clock with which to synchronize our smartphone while we exercise. He does not have great technical adventures, but he does perfectly with his job. The offer that presents us Gearbest for only $47.91 if you apply this Coupon GB9% is a magnificent opportunity to make us with a smart watch very suitable for any occasion. In addition, its elegance and good design will allow us to use it perfectly in the day to day.


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