SMART SENSOR ST9450 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera at $499.99 From TOMTOP


The SMART SENSOR ST9450 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera specializes in capturing heat sources. This thermal imager uses infrared rays to sense heat sources. Handheld gun design. There are special measuring modes that measure temperature and humidity suitable for a wide range of applications. The built-in digital camera thermocouple uses its own thermal sensor for impressive images.


SMART SENSOR ST9450 Thermal camera Smart Sensor improved high infrared resolution, for better image quality. From there, the measurement performance increases. Machine integrated pixel detector and digital camera for impressive features. 3.2-inch full-color display screen thermal imager shows thermal detection and visible light imagery in 220×160 resolution, allowing the user to see the full range of infrared imagery. In order to increase the recognition of the thermal imager.

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Field of View/Shortest Focal Length: 27°X35°/ 0.5m, which means the SMART SENSOR Thermal camera can capture a wider image view. Help to make your job easier. Both thermal and visible images can be saved to the device, with 3 GB BUILT-IN MEMORY CARD INCLUDED,easy read from USB or saved to a computer for report generation and printing. Tough enough for the toolbox. Rugged, rubberized casing, intuitive controls to go and work where you do, selectable palette, iron oxide red, cool, black and white, white and black.

user-friendly charging reminder design, standard universal charging interface, safe charging, long use time. SMART SENSOR ST9450 Thermal camera is the ideal selection for electrician and maintenance personnel and technicians and can be used to find the problem area quickly. Can be used in fields of medical treatment, fire fighting, archaeology, traffic, agriculture, geology, energy, smelting, electronic manufacture, etc. we can buy it from TOMTOP at $499.99 with Duty-Free Shipping.



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