Smartmi 1S Electric Heater Offered for €71.27 On CAFAGO


On CAFAGO, you can now buy the Smartmi 1S Electric Heater for a flash sale price of €71.27 ( including VAT ). Buyers from the German warehouse will get free shipping opportunities despite the discount offer for this on Cafago. The Smartmi 1S electric heater adopts the conventional heating method that fastens heating process in lesser period of time.


There is no fan inside this heater that is why it relys on air circulation for natural heat and no obvious perceptible airflow. So the impact on indoor humidity is less, and the human body is not easy to dry. Smartmi 1S heater offers users a quiet operation without glare. On the design aspect, this product is design in a way that it has a lightweight of about 5kg making it convenient when it comes to room space.


Smartmi 1S electric heater features dumping power off, dualble guarantee, and overheating protection. In addition, the in-built dumping power- off switch and overheating sensor helps to automatically turn off the power supply when the body tilts more than 45 degrees or when the inner cavity temperature exceeds 85 degrees C. Although, this product features a constant temperature mode that is more comfortable is terms of power-saving. You just need to adjust the control knob to a desired temperature, and this electric heater will keep consistent temperature according to the preset temperature.

Buy Smartmi 1S Electric Heater On CAFAGO




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