Smartmi Smart Electric Heater 1S Review – Buy From TOMTOP at €78.11


Smartmi Smart Electric Heater 1S continues to be an innovative device in Xiaomi’s smart eco-chain. The electric heater has several heating modes. You can easily switch between 900W, 1300W and 2200W. The casing of the heater is made of 0.6 mm thick high-quality galvanized sheets. The robust design guarantees strength and durability. The heat-resistant, environmentally friendly electrostatic spray coating does not emit harmful substances such as formaldehyde when heated.


The Smartmi Smart Electric Heater 1S with its compact design (694x 448x 202mm) can be easily placed in many places in the house without taking up space. On the contrary, it also creates a neat and elegant feeling for your home space. The whole body is designed in the form of a rectangular box with two sturdy anti-slip feet. The curved corners on the Smartmi heater are meticulously machined by CNC cutting technology, so it doesn’t feel as rough as other cheap machines. In addition, the side of the machine is also equipped with a switch button to adjust the heating power mode. This mechanical button is designed to be flexible, can be easily turned on and off. At the same time, the button surface is also not dirty or scratched when in use.

Besides, the Smartmi Smart Electric Heater 1S body is also made from high-quality PC + ABS plastic material, which is extremely effective against explosion and impact. This material also helps the machine not to get dirty when placed in dusty environments. And can quickly clean when need to clean the machine. The top of the Smartmi heater is designed with a plastic mesh layer over the galvanized 0.6mm woven mesh. Meanwhile, the entire body is sprayed with high-grade electrostatic to ensure that toxic gases such as formaldehyde cannot be produced during use. The convector has no fans inside, it evenly heats the room due to natural air circulation, without drying it out and creating drafts. The special design of the convector ensures completely silent and safe operation.

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The Smartmi Smart Electric Heater 1S can operate in three power modes – 900, 1300 and 2200 W. The higher the power, the more intense the heating goes. Low power is suitable for auxiliary heating, medium power for maintaining a comfortable temperature and the highest power for quick heating of the room. With the help of a convenient rotary knob on the body, you can set the desired temperature that the convector will maintain. When the ambient temperature reaches the set value, the convector will automatically stop heating, and when the temperature drops below, heating will automatically resume. Thus, the room maintains a comfortable temperature without harm to the wallet.

The Smartmi convector is equipped with an overturn relay and a temperature sensor. If the convector body is tilted by more than 45 °; or the temperature inside exceeds 85 ° C; a protection is automatically triggered to stop heating to ensure safety. The heating filament inside the heat exchanger made of an alloy of iron; chromium and aluminum immediately heats up after the power is supplied, starting to give off heat to the air. As the air heats up, it rises, where it gradually cools and descends; and this cycle of circulation goes on constantly. The 2200 W power helps to quickly and evenly warm the entire room. The inclined grille supplies the convector with air at an angle; helping to distribute the outgoing heat between the outlets.


The compact body of the Smartmi Smart Electric Heater 1S, made in straight geometric lines, easily fits into any interior, and thanks to its weight of only 5 kg, it can be easily carried from room to room. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €78.11 (Inclusive of VAT) and ship from Germany Warehouse

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