Smartmi Smart Toilet Cover Pro/S Released: Automatic Induction, From 1799 yuan ($252.15)


Zhimi’s official micro announced that the new Xiaomi is available on the Pro / S Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro / S. The price is from 1799 yuan, and it is free to install in 300+ cities across the country. 

The five main selling points of the new toilet seat cover:
  • 1. Built-in high-precision microwave sensor, automatically open and close the lid;
  • 2. Mijia APP + split function control panel control;
  • 3. Ultraviolet sterilization, the sterilization rate reaches 99%;
  • 4. Rinse with gentle bubble water flow, gentle and gentle;
  • 5. Dry with warm air, warm and dry.

Among them, Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover S is the basic model, without automatic induction opening and closing function. The price is 1799 yuan, 618 is down 300 yuan, and 1499 yuan is available.

Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro is a high-end version, priced at 2299 yuan, with automatic sensor opening and closing function, built-in high-precision microwave sensor, automatically open the lid within 1 meter, automatically close the cover from the seat, no contact more hygienic. In addition, the seat ring can be lifted through the control panel or APP to take care of the different usage habits of family members.

The brand-new upgraded soft bubble water flow makes the washing cleaner, the touch is gentler, and the stimulation is reduced. After the flushing, it will be dried by warm air and supports 30/40/47/52 four-stage drying temperature. The seat ring can support 4-speed automatic heating.

Before and after each use, the annular water flow will thoroughly clean the nozzle and the rod body. After leaving the seat, the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is turned on to kill bacteria on the nozzle in time, the sterilization rate reaches 99%, and the nozzle is clean as new.

Equipped with a light sensor, the soft light night light will automatically switch with the ambient light. Intimate design, take care of the night use needs.

Split function control panel, split control is more comfortable than a fixed control panel. 2.4GHz micropower wireless technology, easy to control without twisting. Standard wall pendant is more convenient for operation and handling.

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The Zhimi Smart Toilet Cover Pro is connected to the Mijia APP, and the mobile phone can also be easily controlled. You can also customize more functions, check the life of the filter, etc., and you can achieve intelligent interconnection with other Mijia products.


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