SmartMike+ BT Microphone Review – Video Recording Device for Vlogger For Just $129.99 at TOMTOP


SmartMike+ a groundbreaking wireless microphone with real-time transmission and synchronization of full-band stereo for vlogging, recording, remixing, voice-over, dubbing and more with smartphones.

Buy SmartMike+ BT Microphone from TOMTOP


The wireless video microphone weighs only 0.49oz and can be clipped on collar/pocket, working up to 5 hours on a fully charged in one hour, record high-definition sound anytime and anywhere. In powerful M/S (Master/Slave) mode, SmartMike+s can be used with any video recording devices to capture studio-quality audio that matches the equally professional video; or with any speakers to amplify the captured audio. Simply hook up one SmartMike+ to your digital camera/ GoPro/ PC/ speaker via a 3.5mm 3-pole male-to-male AUX cable to act as a receiver. Long pressing the button for 10s to pair this SmartMike+ with another (to act as a microphone) via Bluetooth.


It is also the world’s first mic that transmits wireless, multi-channel audio at ultra-low-latency within a range of 15 meters, synchronizes audio and video in real-time, and the powerful SmartMike+ App support one-touch simultaneous output. SmartMike+ records full band audio at 48kHz — more than six times the frequency of conventional mono microphones (e.g. Apple AirPods). Simply pair two SmartMike+s with the SmartMike+ App via Bluetooth, the app will automatically switch to TWS mode. SmartMike+ allows you to mix audio from different audio sources in real-time. Using your smartphone to create and remix lip sync, music, and dance videos (with your favorite music, shows, and movies) has never been easier!


SmartMike+ is a revolutionary microphone that can help you get clearer sound and audio for your videos, music recordings, vlogging activities, etc. This device ensures that you get the best sound quality even in the noisiest of environments. It can work with your smartphone, GoPro, Speakers, and even DSLR camera. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $129.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy SmartMike+ BT Microphone from TOMTOP


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