Snapdragon 660 VS Snapdragon 821 Processor, Which One is Better


Snapdragon 660 processor is a mid-range processor released in the first half year, currently, only OPPO R11 and OPPO R11 Plus use this processor. Compared with Snapdragon 653 and Snapdragon 821 processor, how is Snapdragon 660?

First, Basic Specs

As the hot processor of Qualcomm, Snapdragon 660 uses 14nm processing, Octa core, Kryo 260 CPU, using its own Kryo architecture, which has enhanced the performance of Snapdragon 600 series and got the market recognition.

In addition, Snapdragon 660 has upgraded to LPDDR4, same as Snapdragon 821 processor, compared with Snapdragon 653 LPDDR3, it has faster speed, lower power consumption, supporting QC4.0 quick charge, which is a highlight.

Second, Antutu Score Comparison

Snapdragon 660 processor has got over 110,000 points to beat that of Snapdragon 653, compared with Snapdragon 821 processor with 160,000 points, which has not also been over that of Snapdragon 820 processor with 140,000 points.

Third, Single core performance

Snapdragon 660 has 2.2GHz single core, in single core performance, it is over Snapdragon 653 with 1.95GHz, but compared with Snapdragon 821 processor, it still has large gap.

Fourth, Multi-core performance

In multi-core performance, thanks to Octa core design, Snapdragon 660 score has been over that of Snapdragon 821 processor with Quad core SoC, in addition, Snapdragon 653 multi-core performance is better than that of Snapdragon 821.

Fifth, 3D performance

3D test is testing GPU, in this test, Snapdragon 660 with Adreno 512 GPU is over Snapdragon 653 with Adreno 510, but compared with Snapdragon 821, it has big gap.


As the latest chipset in Snapdragon 600 series, Snapdragon 660 uses 14nm processing  to reduce its power consumption. Meanwhile, its new Kryo 260 CPU and Adreno 512 GPU have made multi-core performance and 3D performance improved over 35%. The overall performance has improved 30%.. But compared with Snapdragon 821, Snapdragon 660 still has much gap to catch up.



  1. Was in doubt of buying LG G6 or phone with new SD 660. Now i have LG G3.
    As price 4 for G6 has dropped towards 420 euro its a very cheap now. As specs ar qsuite same. Proces and LDDR4 and kyro was hard choice. Thx for the post. ?

    • Shahriar Akash on

      so did u bought g6?
      If yes then, Are you satisfied with the performance of g6? thinking to get one.

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