Snapdragon 835 vs Kirin 970 vs Helio X30 Processor, Which is the Best?


Qualcomm has released Snapdragon 835 processor to bring more fierce competition for other processors, Snapdragon 835 processor uses the most advanced 10nm architecture, but Huawei, Mediatek have also prepared well to release Kirin 970 and Helio X30 processor, so which one is the best?

Previously, a product chain has drawn a comparison picture for Snapdragon 835, Kirin 970 and Helio X30. According to specs comparison, Snapdragon 835 is the most attractive one with X16 gigabit baseband to support 5G network, and it can also support QC4.0 quick charge technology, it has 2.4GHz small core frequency, Adreno 540 GPU to support 4K screen, UFS 2.1, dual rear camera and LPDDR4x four channels, integrated Cat.16 baseband.

Kirin 970 has also entered 10nm field, using 4*Cortex-A53+4*Cortex-A73 Octa core same with Kirin 960, A73 may have 2.8GHz-3.0GHz main frequency, GPU continues to use G71 architecture, the core frequency may have upgrading. The baseband will support Cat.12.

Helio X30 uses 10nm Deca core architecture, the big core uses A73 2.8GHz, small core uses 4 A53 2.2ghz and 4 A35 2.0GHz, GPU is four core PVR 7400XT to support 4K screen, UFS 2.1, dual camera and LPDDR4X four channels, integrated with Cat.10 baseband.

It’s worthwhile to know that there is the other chipset manufacturer that we can’t ignore, it’s Samsung. In the first quarter of 2017, Samsung may be the first to release Snapdragon 835 smartphone, but according to its practice, it will also be powered by its own processor, Exynos. Currently, it’s very clear about Snapdragon 835 processor, according to official, the performance will improve 27%, Helio X30 will improve 40%, Kirin 970 and Exynos performance are not so clear, we will focus on more to introduce, stay tuned.


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