Snapdragon 855 Parameters Unvailed: It Will Be Equipped With 5G X50 Baseband


With the recent release of the Samsung S9 series, Qualcomm also officially released its flagship Processor Snapdragon 845 in 2017. It also led many people began to turn their attention to Qualcomm’s next-generation Processor. According to Qualcomm’s procedure, its next-generation Processor should be officially released by the end of this year or early next year, and it will be named Snapdragon 855. Recent foreign media leak the data also confirmed this and burst out more information about it.

At present, a well-known leaker Roland Quandt said on Twitter, Japan’s Softbank announced in February 2018, earnings have been disclosed Snapdragon 855 processor part of the information, including the most part of the core baseband.

From the below picture, we can see that Qualcomm has named its next-generation processor “Snapdragon 855 Fusion” which has more “Fusion” than the previous processors. This is also reminiscent of Apple’s A10 Fusion processor. It seems that the Snapdragon 855 Fusion will be very powerful, and may also join the artificial intelligence kernel like the Apple A10 Fusion.

In addition, the baseband, Snapdragon 855 Fusion also integrates the world’s first 5G baseband released early last year – Snapdragon X50.

According to the previous data, the Snapdragon X50 mainly supports the 28GHz band, but it can also be used with Snapdragon processor and Snapdragon LTE baseband through dual connectivity to achieve compatibility for 4G/3G networks. Since China mainly uses Sub 6GHz as the 5G frequency band, subsequent commercial use in China may be used in conjunction with LTE baseband. After the Snapdragon X50 has successfully passed a large number of experiments, is expected to release soon.

Qualcomm has previously stated that its 5G chips will be commercially available in the first half of 2019. It seems that Qualcomm may officially release smartphones based on the Snapdragon 855 processor at the CES or MWC show in 2019.

The information of the Snapdragon 855 Fusion for this exposure came from the financial report of Japan Softbank, which is both an important global carrier and the parent company of Arm (the IP of a large number of IP of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is from Arm). Obviously, Japan’s Softbank earnings exposure Snapdragon 855 information should be very reliable.

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